Hassle free, compliant marketing, leading to increased conversions and brand safety

Blue Owl is your first step towards building your successful affiliate network

For Product Owners

Blue Owl provides you with real-time control and visibility of marketing by your affiliates - driving compliance and increased performance using our technology. We have a fresh approach to affiliate marketing, unlike any other.

For Marketing Gurus

Blue Owl's clever technology was built to help you achieve better results and increased return on investment, whilst reducing set up time and eliminating updates or changes to creatives for any campaign.

It's about empowering both the product owner and affiliate

Spend less time worrying about what others are doing and focus on your strengths by using patent-pending technology from Blue Owl.

Product Owner Benefits

Visibility and control of all products, including the ability to ensure marketing campaigns are always compliant, across multi-channels

Affiliate Benefits

    Enhanced marketing capabilities to ensure your data gets marketed to effectively. Detailed reporting and data insights ensuring increased revenue and profit

Customer Benefits

Will only receive trusted and compliant marketing campaigns which are targeted specifically to their needs, including the ability to opt out of marketing

The future of affiliate marketing

With over 4 years worth of development and our patent pending technology, we're really proud of what we've achieved and we're sure you'll see benefits from day one. We've rewritten how affiliates and product owners communicate with their customers and it turns out its works for everyone involved! Please request a free demonstration and join with us, it will only take a minute.

Blue Owl for Product Owners

How do you control what your affiliates send or display to your potential customers?

Do other affiliate networks market your product? If so, do you simply provide them with a creative and hope that they don't amend it? They could make it uncompliant and therefore put your product at risk!

This is where we do things differently. Our clever technology removes any affiliate/marketer interaction with the creative and sends only the content you have signed off to potential customers.

How can you stop affiliates sending marketing content to your existing customers or people you simply can’t help?

By using Blue Owl, you can add suppression lists for opt-outs, existing customers – in fact, these lists can include anything and you can have as many lists as you like. Prior to a creative being served or sent, we will check these lists at lightning speed, and suppress those customers who offer you no value.

  • Only your marketing material will reach the potential customer.
  • You decide who doesn't receive your advert - for example, existing customers.
  • Control the number of marketing adverts allowed to go to any one individual.
  • Create global opt-out lists.

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Blue Owl for Affiliates

Blue Owl provides a tool to give affiliates freedom to market a vast array of products to their data.

Do you have a keen interest in marketing and are looking for new and exciting products to help maximise profits from your data?

We provide a platform that enables you to connect with our database of product owners looking to increase the reach of their products into new consumer markets. You will be provided with fully compliant creatives and also the ability to market them to your data.

  • Save money by marketing only the best possible products.
  • View detailed analytics to determine how your marketing is performing.
  • Technology that builds a picture of whom to target.
  • Use your existing marketing platform to send creatives, or you can use ours.

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